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Please contact us for a fee estimate of your matter. As far as possible, we will provide a binding estimate of our fees. As long as nothing is agreed upon for out-of-court matters, our fees for the services will be based on legal guidelines.

According to these legal guidelines, which attorneys are obliged to comply with, fees for each particular matter must be calculated on the basis of scale fees for standard tasks. In civil law, attorney’s fees must be calculated mainly according to the value of the matter in controversy. The underlying principle is that the attorney’s fee comprises on the one hand the forecasted (not virtual) labour factor and on the other hand the attorney’s risk of liability. The German Chamber of Lawyers provides further information on this topic (also concerning the calculation of fees).

We are not allowed to give legal advice on a particular matter without mandatory power and accompanying fee calculation according to the code of professional conduct and competition law. According to legal regulations, if an attorney answers a definite enquiry via e-mail or telephone, this causes the appropriate attorney’s fee. In order to avoid undesired fees, you should state clearly in your enquiry that you wish to receive a costs estimate before getting legal advice. Thus, the decision on further action is up to you and you can avoid cost risks.

If you request our advice concerning an out-of-court matter, we usually determine a fee on an hourly basis according to the amount of work done. In order to make our legal fees more transparent to our clients, we also offer you a fixed fee.

For regular mandates, which are not rare in our law firm, we offer alternative payment schemes, such as monthly and annual fixed fee payments.

For instance, we charge a minimum fee of 89 € for a detailed trademark consultation.

 Consultation and registration of your trademark in Germany comprising not more than three classes, causes an attorney’s fee amounting to 175 €, consultation and international or european registration of your trademark costs 285 €. Fixed fees can also be charged for trademark registrations other than those mentioned above.


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